Tokyo Baguazhang Association

Chinse technich and Japanese heart.

 Baguazhang is legendary Chinise martial arts which is said to be the most difficult to perfect and get true skills in all of the Chinese martialarts.
 Baguazhang was foundede by Dong Hai Chuan in the last days of Qing Dynasty. 
 Even now, there are all sorts of arguments on about the kind of skills the founder created and transmitted.Stilll exists many mysteries.
 Even the basic forms vary among successors, opinions are so divided on what kind of martial arts the founder pass down that there still are not a few mysteries. They say that there exits even numbers of style in Baguazhang as every practioners. Those charastristics are described by word “Change”. Because of that, although not a few are passing down empty things, but it is difficult to find true appearances. It is said that Bgguazhang is the kind of martial arts that are easily lost.
 About weapons,they might say that sword is the basic, but not definitive.
 In this assossiaition, Mr.Yoshid instruct Baguazhang not in the same way he was taught in China, but in the way based on his understanding and experiences(Japanese martial atrs like Daitoryu,Nitenichiryu).  So there exists no same style in China. In his understanding, Baguazhang must be like Mr. Bruce Lee’s words “Be like water.”. This could have been the traditional idea of inner martial arts before cultural revolution in mainland China.Mr.Yoshida was taught in that old manner in China.



Time and Place

Basically every Saturday, at East district of Tokyo.
If you are interested.Please make inquiry for details.


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